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We provide LASIK and laser eye surgery, vision care, and personalized treatment to improve your eyesight.

Laser eye surgery to correct vision has been the most significant development in vision correction since soft contact lenses were developed in 1971.  It's an amazing procedure where a cold laser is used to reshape the cornea (front part of the eye) by vaporizing the tissue. The purpose of the surgery is to correct vision to a point where the patient is no longer reliant on any form of corrective lenses. And in most cases, this is the result. 

If you are interested in correcting your vision through surgical methods, we?ll help you understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedures currently available. After an eye examination to determine your suitability for surgery, if you meet the candidacy requirements, we will perform all necessary pre-operative tests, arrange for your surgery surgeons who specialize in this field and provide you with the finest follow-up care in our advanced clinic.


Laser Eye Surgery

At DOWNTOWN EYE ASSOCIATES, we adopt a personal approach and use cutting-edge technology to offer the best possible care for your eyes.

Take a first step toward clearer vision. Schedule a LASIK consultation with our trusted and experienced optometrist today! Based on an in-depth eye exam, we will create a custom LASIK plan that suits your needs.

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LASIK Financial District
LASIK Financial District

Optometric Services

The DOWNTOWN EYE ASSOCIATES team strives to provide the best optometric services. We specialize in eye examinations, eyeglass and contact lens fitting, diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases, as well as performing LASIK and other eye surgeries.

Browse through the website or call us for details. It will be a pleasure to answer any and all of your questions.

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